Little Car has released a designer for adults

Little Car has released a designer for adults


Little Car, together with Tamiya, have presented the Wild One Max construction kit, from which you can assemble a full-fledged electric buggy. Although the $ 8,250 product is a toy set, the assembled car can be used on public roads.

This project is based on the Wild One radio-controlled model, which was created by Japanese specialists. From the new designer, which received the Max prefix, you can assemble an electric buggy, the dimensions of which are 3500 mm in length and 1800 mm in width. At the same time, an adult pilot with a height of up to 195 centimeters can operate the machine.

At the heart of the electric Wild One Max is a space frame with independent suspension. The car was equipped with 15-inch discs, Brembo brakes, and the only composite seat equipped with adjustments and a seat belt. In addition, the Wild One Max can be retrofitted with a sports suspension and off-road tires.

For the constructor, special kits of modifications are provided that allow you to legally operate Wild One Max on public roads in the United States, as well as in several European countries. Modifications include brake lights, turn signals and side mirrors.

The Wild One Max is set in motion by a 5.5 horsepower electric motor, which is equipped with a 2-kilowatt battery. This vehicle can travel up to 40 km on one charge. Maximum speed – 50 km / h. Wild One Max will be available for purchase in 2022. The minimum price tag is $ 8,250.

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