“Little evil kitten”: Jaguar is preparing an update E-Pace

“Little evil kitten”: Jaguar is preparing an update E-Pace


Compact crossover E-Pace joins the line of the “Jaguar” three years ago, so now is the time to do the planned restyling. At the end of winter, we received batch spy shots of the updated model in camouflage. And here’s a fresh batch of photos from Northern Sweden, which confirms – even in the face of the epidemic of the coronavirus, the British continue testing.

As can be seen, the snow in the area of tests began to melt, but the masking on the crossover did not become less. However, the film with psychedelic picture can’t hide the main thing: major changes in design can be expected. Most likely, E-Pace receives slightly modified bumpers and optics that are only slightly refresh the image of the car.


To our knowledge, it is not necessary to wait for revolution and technical equipment. But the electronics Aguadulce likely tucked up for the on-Board multimedia and driver assistance.

Provide updated Jaguar E-Pace has until the end of 2020. While the compact crossover is inferior in global sales of larger and more expensive F-Pace, but not eliminated, modernization will change the balance of power.

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