LIVE New Lexus LX Exclusive World reveal

LIVE New Lexus LX Exclusive World reveal


I am revealing the all-new Lexus LX live from Saudi Arabia.Full Reveal here –

yep what’s up get out of here go oh wait hey it’s so hot it’s so hot we are now live in saudi arabia guys what’s up that is an exclusive reveal that’s happening right now so i’m just waiting as you guys kind of join me here look just look around this is riyadh saudi arabia the capital of saudi arabia and this is two ache palace so this is where the big reveal is happening you might be asking like why is a global reveal of one of the most popular cars happening in saudi arabia because this is one of the most popular cars here in the region it has such a big presence here everywhere you go you see the lexus lx that is what we’re about to reveal the brand new lexus lx so it’s the first global reveal uh from saudi arabia ever i think and also the twitter account of lexis is the biggest lexis twitter account in the world the one from saudi you get what i’m saying so these guys love lexus here and that is one of the reasons why that’s happening hassan can i grab you yes of course one minute one minute we’ve only got one minute okay this is hassan guys um so uh hassan’s family is actually responsible for bringing lexus to the region that’s right that’s right yeah when did that happen about 30 years ago 30 years ago first lexus first lexus decided so you’ve been driving lexus all your life basically i’ve been driving alexis recently he upgraded we won’t say what you were driving before so lexus um came to the region over 30 years ago yeah we got that right okay great now right this is the big moment okay and i’d like you to help me if that’s right of course can you grab one side absolutely and i’ll grab the other side it’s a really special this is it this is it like this is wait this is the sneak peek this is the first time this car is being shown and it’s being shown to react so it’s really special this is it and later on there’s a stage just behind us that’s right uh over there that’s right you might see the scaffolding you see there the stage going up uh we are actually gonna go live after this reveal that’s right on stage to reveal this to another 500 people here in riyadh yeah but you guys get to see the first exclusive look all right you ready yes all right let’s do this let’s do this okay here we go here it is here it is how exciting is this thank you great thanks so much all right come around guys this is it this is the first look at the all-new lexus l x what do you reckon are you going to be driving this one is this going to be your daily i believe so yeah this is this gorgeous car i love it so okay so i’m going to start around the front with you if you want to come with me really yes all right we’ll we’ll check in with us on again later all right so let me reveal to you guys the brand new lx all right this is the front the uh spindle grill is much bigger than the predecessor first thoughts guys just pop your comments in the comments section as you look around the car what do you think of it first impressions just take a look at the side profile here we are you got 22 inch wheels and each each model of the lx comes with a different uh wheel design and this one here is specifically made for noise reduction now around the back you might recognize this already because this was uh revealed or a part of the back was revealed on the official lexus global page so here is the back of this beauty and lx600 now let me just quickly explain what’s happening here this is the very first time the lx is now a v6 so it’s a twin turbo v6 but and you might be going no what happened to the va come on what they’ve done is they’ve made it more powerful it’s got more torque a higher top speed and also at the same time so it’s more of everything more environmentally friendly so twin turbo v6 that’s the first time for the lx now jump in with me come on we want to see the inside right okay check this out this is really cool here we go first impressions of the interior it smells nice it smells so nice and all this lux stitching as well this is the vip grade lx so we’ve got the top and the top top top now this is really cool i need to show you over here you have a fingerprint scan for your start stop button now i’m going to turn that on it only turns on because it registers my fingerprint and you can actually register up to 10 people’s fingerprints to be able to start this card no one else can start it so it’s just for security and safety now what is also cool is hang on i’m going to leave that on for now you’ve got this wood these wood features here this is all new wood uh and it’s actually inspired by falcons because falcons are so important in this region so a lot of the features of this car are actually inspired by this region the middle east now over here is my favorite feature you know you know how i love my luxury right check this out all right this this is like ultimate luxury ready jump in now check this out over here you just press seat okay you’ve got this nice panel and then you’ve got the right side i’m going to press this right here watch this okay i go back and then here look this comes down i can choose where it comes down to hey look at him yeah i’m sorry it’s saudi there’s sand what can i say all right and there you go look at this so in the vip grade version there’s only two rows front row and this row so that you get this ultimate luxury seat here it’s called the ottoman chair that goes all the way into the back i mean look at this i’m in like the back where the luggage is this is so nice you got your wireless charger and you got these little cool little directional lights right so everything is controllable here you’ve got the lamps put that on there are different grades of the light so off and on and then around here you’ve actually got these look at this guys this is not a speaker this is actually a whole new air conditioning a system and it’s called uh cli it’s called dark curtain ac curtain technology and basically instead of getting the wind blasting at one place in your face it like curtains around you like this which is really nice and it means in 50 degree heat you’re not going to have sweat like trickle down your back in the car so that’s awesome now you’re going to drive it you’re going to take it to stage here because they’re going to take you now all right all right so that’s just that’s a sneak peek you guys um i’ve still got so much to show you the headlights the indicators all of the there’s so so many more features uh go and check it out um we’re gonna go live uh ghost that’s why are we swiping up are we clicking links we’ll put the link we’ll put the link in this channel okay all right so we’ll put the link in either the comments section or the description check out the link and that’s going to take you straight to the lexus website where you guys can see more of the features of this car they’ve got a whole video there and everything all right are you driving it in saudi i’m driving of course women can drive in saudi so i’m going to drive it uh through that tunnel onto the stage there’s lights just coming down now so the party’s gonna get started all right bye guys i hope you like that exclusive reveal go check out the rest of it am i good you’re good all right bye

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