Living in a bicycle: eco-alternative to a car cooker

Living in a bicycle: eco-alternative to a car cooker


Who doesn’t dream of a mobile home? You can travel in it on a budget and without restrictions, and with comfort. But car campers have one significant drawback – their price can be higher than the cost of an apartment. The Austrian student Bernhard Sobbota took care of the solution to this problem, who presented an alternative view of the mobile home.

The development of the young man is based not on a traditional car for motorhomes, but on a bicycle. The concept of the project is simple – to give its user the opportunity to relax on a bicycle, protecting themselves from insects. The frame of the bike is made in a very unusual shape: a tubular metal circle that does not interfere with the cyclist when he pedals.

The seat is located behind the wheel or under a metal hoop over which the steering wheel is mounted.

The bike house can carry not only basic luggage, but also a mosquito net – separate chenille bags are provided for these travel attributes (plus blankets and pillows).

The cycling camper also has ample opportunities for transformation. For example, its metal circle can be adapted as a folding bench, which, in turn, turns into a table or, if desired, into a chair, as well as a full-fledged bed for sleeping.

The fate of the project is still in question. If a student manages to interest investors in his idea, then she will definitely have prospects.

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