Logan Stepway eyes Citroen (photos)

Logan Stepway eyes Citroen (photos)


The model is based on “exclusive” SUV C3-XR, from the donor to the “chetyrehdverki” got and appliances.

“Off-road” sedan Citroen C3L opened in December last year: the machine is suitable for China, her photo “leaked” to the local Ministry of industry. Now, publication Autohome found in China social network Weibo brand images “chetyrehdverki”. That is the official premiere of model will take place in the near future.

Recall that the cross-C3L sedan is made on the basis of the SUV Citroen C3-XR, which is also designed specifically for the Chinese market (it released in 2014). “Pyatidverka” in turn, built on the old platform PF1, the same “truck” is the basis of the sedan Citroen C-Elysee and Peugeot 301.

According to the genre, Citroen C3L got an unpainted plastic kit. The front is nearly the same as the donor’s SUV, the lights are also switched from the C3-XR, but the rear bumper of the “chetyrehdverki” your. The length of a new equal 4282 4505 mm vs mm the original cross, a height of 1513 mm, whereas the C3-XR – 1557 mm (with roof rails). Width and wheelbase are the same – 1748 and 2655 mm. the Chinese report that the ground clearance of the sedan is 180 mm. For C3-XR, the figure on the website the model is not specified, some “celestial” forums, write what you have SUV it is equal to 175 mm. Oh, and for comparison, the dimensions of the Renault Logan Stepway: 4368/ 1761/ 1576 mm, wheelbase – 2634 mm, ground clearance – 195 mm.

Images interior Citroen C3L yet. Most likely, inside the cross-a sedan also copied the C3-XR – that is, “chetyrehdverki” two-tone trim, multimedia system with a large screen, rectangular air vents and the “truncated” steering wheel.


In the documents of the Chinese certification body for the sedan was set one motor, it also moved from the original SUV: gasoline “turbotron” 1.2 with a power of 116 HP C3-XR with this engine available with a six-speed “automatic”. The crossover is still based on a 136-strong version 1.2 with a robotic box, plus four-cylinder “aspirated” 1.6 (117 HP) with 5МКП or 6АКП.

All-wheel drive from the Citroen C3-XR is not, “chetyrehdverki” will also be available only in front-wheel execution. As for the SUV there is a proprietary system Grip Control, changing the mode of operation, control electronics, most likely, it appears also in the Arsenal of C3L.

Crossover C3-XR and the sedan based on it produced in the Chinese plant, the joint venture companies, Dongfeng and PSA. For SUV please 94 800 – 117 900 yuan (about 13 400 – 16 600 dollars at the current exchange rate), “off-road” C3L will probably be cheaper. Outside China, cross-sedan Citroen is unlikely to emerge.

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