Lonely Bolt: owners were asked to put the electric car away from other cars


General Motors has asked Chevrolet Bolt owners to park their electric cars at a distance of at least 15 meters from other vehicles. According to Bloomberg, such recommendations are associated with the risk of fire in “green” hatchbacks.

The fact is that recently in the United States, several cases of ignition of Chevrolet Bolt electric cars have been recorded at once. So, on September 13 in Georgia, there was a fire in one of the garages in the private sector. The cause of the incident was the fire in the 2019 green hatchback, Carscoops reports.

Even before the arrival of the firefighters, the owners of the house were able to independently take the burning car out of the garage. However, the fire could still damage the Dodge Ram pickup, which was also in the garage.

GM announced the revocable Chevrolet Bolt campaign back in late August. Then the company stressed that the service action should affect electric cars around the world. According to the Associated Press, batteries are planned to be replaced on all vehicles.

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