Look at a very strange Chevrolet Camaro, similar to a snowplow.

Look at a very strange Chevrolet Camaro, similar to a snowplow.


In the section with the self-explanatory name Shitty Car Mods on Reddit, where controversial tuning projects are published, various modifications of the Chevrolet Camaro are far from uncommon. However, this specimen, found somewhere in the United States, attracted special attention of users by the immoderation and strangeness of the modifications: the body of the sports car is painted red, the hood and roof are black, and a huge splitter is attached to the front.

Because of this detail, Reddit users assumed the Camaro was simply winterized. However, despite the external resemblance to snow plows, the splitter is unlikely to withstand cleaning: as you can see in the photo, the owner has provided additional mounts right under the optics and in the air intakes so that the too massive part does not fall off.

In addition, the unusual Camaro has a large wing and front and rear wheel arch extensions, attached with unpainted rivets. This makes the wheels appear “recessed” in the flares, which gives the car an even weirder look.

In August, a seven-door touring bus based on a 1962 Chevrolet Suburban was auctioned on eBay. The unusual vehicle, which can accommodate 12 people, was estimated at $ 30,000. As of today, the ad for the very long SUV has been withdrawn.

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