Looks like the most stylish house on wheels

Looks like the most stylish house on wheels


In most people’s understanding of a motorhome is something conservative and boring, albeit comfortable. But in this case we are talking about a mobile home that both outside and inside, entirely destroys all stereotypes.

This mobile home Chevrolet C30 Camper was built by River City Rods for the SEMA tuning show in 2019. Its creators nicknamed it “Brown sugar”. This “sweet van” is equipped with suspension, allowing to literally “drop” the car to the asphalt, and is quite powerful 5.3 l V8 engine. Outdoor advertizing at all clear – better photos we will not explain…


As for the interior, there is a sink made from a vintage Coca Cola cooler, custom made ice chest, toilet, comfortable sleeping area, wood flooring and barrels for whisky, which will serve as the pits for massive subwoofers. And there’s a large fridge and a couple of surveillance cameras.

All this stuff is now sold on eBay for $ 100 thousand.

Have isolated themselves like that?

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