Lorinser has made the new S-Class more attractive

Lorinser has made the new S-Class more attractive


German tuning studio Lorinser has specialized in Mercedes-Benz models since 1935, when it became an official Daimler reseller.

Now that the seventh-generation W223 S-class has been released, the various tuning companies of Aktvino have joined the work, and very soon, motorists will see a variety of body kit options and new wheels.

Lorinser has installed its classic LM2R wheels on the latest flagship of the Mercedes brand. The wheels have a diameter of 21 inches, which is very different from the 16-inch wheels of the W116 Benz in the 1970s. 16-inch wheels were considered big at the time.

The LM2R wheels, available in Chrome, Hyper Silver and Black, are designed in the style of the 90s with additional shapes that distinguish them from the wheels of Mercedes-Maybach.

Other details include a recessed rim flange and recessed split spokes that only appear to be split. It can be argued that the model has received a more modern look than the one that the Maybach has.

“Overall, the designers have created a very dynamic, powerful and lively one-piece wheel. A large radius gives the sedan a luxurious and confident look, ” the representatives of the studio noted.

Lorinser is also working on power upgrades and various aerodynamic components for the all-new W223 Mercedes S-Class.

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