Lotus Evija – The Most Powerful Car In The World!

Lotus Evija – The Most Powerful Car In The World!


This is the new Lotus Evija and with 2000HP has become the most powerful production car in the world. It costs $2.5 million and is limited to 130 cars. Special thanks to @lotuscarsFollow me on:Music by:Coming Home – Elad Marish vs. Marshall W

what’s up this is how we prep our videos rolling cars moving them to a special location this is the new Lotus of ire and I want to take you around this beauty we have special access to this car today we’re here in California but is freezing but it is well worth coming out here today because this is I think one of the most beautiful reveals that has happened at Pebble Beach this year and I want to take you through so come with me I think the back for me is where it gets really really special I mean just take a look at this look at how the air comes through the side here all the way back through the back taillights this here is reminiscent of like the afterburn although afterburners on a jet let’s just have a brief look at at first before we go into too much detail this design here on the lights you see these little lines here the designers wanted to make that kind of look like warrior paint on the side of your face as you go into war you just kind of pull that warrior paint up the side of your cheeks and that’s kind of the design aesthetic that they were going for here at the front lines the cool thing is is that when you open these doors when this is actually fully in production you’re gonna open the door from a button on the key fob so there is no button here on the actual door Lotus is back it’s back in the game this is crazy this is the most powerful production car in the world just think about that for a second the most powerful production car in the world is a Lotus and it’s fully electric is going to produce 2,000 horsepower this here is the charging port see how cool that is that just opens up like this and this is a nice little plug your hand built in Britain by Lotus this is actually where all the batteries are right here when you look at say for example a Tesla the batteries just they lie flat along the bottom of the car like this in this car they’ve placed all the batteries kind of stack them one on top of each other in this area here means that this car is going to behave like a typical mid-engine sports car so it’s going to have the same kind of feel the same kind of handling and maneuvering as a Lotus normally would just look how low you are here you’re almost like touching the road you’re sitting super low to keep that feel of driving a super lightweight sports car whereas if you had the batteries going along the bottom of the car like this you’d be sitting up a good like probably this much higher than you would do otherwise so it all adds to like that sporty feel and that sporty sensation when you’re driving the car they’ve got a motor on each of the wheel so one here here two in the front and each of the motors produce about the same amount horsepower so about 500 per motor the avaya has some cool other little features here this is going to be like a secret James Bond compartment you just push that and that compartment will come out so when you put it in reverse what happens is beti here from Lotus lights up how cool is that little detail you see the center line that runs through the driver’s seat here you can actually personalize this with whatever you’d like so you can put I don’t know your wife’s name or your husband’s name or your birth date or your wedding date so you don’t forget it you can put that here in this little center line which is quite a nice little feature let’s get in this is really cool so I don’t know if you guys have seen my video on the Renault Tresor this is only the second time that I’ve seen something this beautiful in this hexagonal shape here on the on the center camp console you see all of these little buttons hexagons now they’ve done that for two reasons obviously it’s more efficient right so because if the buttons are round got wasted space around the button so for this reason they all kind of fit in together like this and also it’s because you can then kind of feel your way around the buttons with your hands you can concentrate on the road to keep your hands on the steering wheel and kind of go like this and go oh yeah I know where there are volume up and down button is from feeling it you know steering wheel it’s tiny it’s really tiny it feels really sporty the shape is like in like an f1 watch what happens when I flick this over into track mode pretty cool huh the wind comes up quite a long way and also the what are we called DRS whoops it’s getting too technical and you see the DRS flaps kind of come up as well and it means you’ve got this massive amount of air filling those compartments at the back and it just kind of sucks the car to the ground down here these are really cool as well I like these little design features you know I think that’s really important in a car like this when you’re paying two and a half million dollars it’s not just about how fast it can go it’s about how you feel when you’re in the driver’s seat looking at all of these cool little features you’re like yeah that’s why I paid two and a half million dollars that’s a cool design feature this is a cool design feature and you feel like you are validated in spending that kind of money you know you want to be surrounded in luxury and cool little features and things that people have spent time and effort on in the design making of this car what it has is a rear-view camera here and it’s actually really high-quality oh there you go oh yeah look yeah I can see you cap as soon as you close this door what happens is the camera goes on so you can see what’s happening beside you so the camera is actually here and then it comes out look at that oh now guys that is cool what I’ve never seen that before when you’re in normal road mode will come out automatically when the door closes but then when you’re in track mode it’ll actually retract go back in so the cars super sleek should we do this go for a drive it was crazy like like I love the design so so much if I had the money right now out of all of the cars that were revealed on the lawn yesterday I would get this one but honestly would I’m so impressed by this I think it’s so sexy I’ve never seen the back like this on a car before I really haven’t just keep that between you and me though yeah I don’t want them to know how much my my again this can be fully customized and you can put in any kind of precious metals gold silver you could even have the Union Jack in diamonds and rubies if you like also the same goes for the Lotus single yeah you can have this in gold or silver or whatever you would like okay there you go so I want to join you okay come in yeah look at the amount of space sign yeah that’s quite a likeness yeah that’s true huge what’s usually the it goes all the way up yeah look it up guys all the way through oh that’s really cool yeah and then you got the door opening button yeah world’s first person to drive the new Lotus of aiya it’s happening right now here we are alright guys I hope you’ve enjoyed the video give us a quick thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t yet this is where you get to see the coolest cars in the world I promise you alright a massive thanks to Lotus thank you guys so so much for letting me have exclusive access to this car and driving it around I really really want one alright guys that’s it I’ll see you next time in another crazy car somewhere else in the world I’m out

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