Lotus introduced a platform for electric sports cars

Lotus introduced a platform for electric sports cars


Emerging from the “shadow” brand Lotus has introduced a new modular platform on which you can build two- and four-seater electric sports cars, equipped with one or two engines. The first model based on this architecture will hit the market in 2026.

The new “cart” supports three different layouts and two types of battery packs with vertical and horizontal orientation (the so-called “chest” and “plate”), with vertical blocks placed behind the seats, and horizontal ones in the floor.

The first version of the layout is suitable for two-seater cars, the length of the wheelbase does not exceed 2470 millimeters. The battery capacity in this case will be 66.4 kilowatt-hours, and the power of a single electric motor will be 476 horsepower (350 kW).

The second layout, also designed for two-seater cars, implies a greater distance between the axles (2650 mm), a more capacious battery of 99.6 kilowatt-hours and no longer one, but two electric motors with a total output of 884 horsepower (650 kW).

Finally, the third option allows you to build four-seater cars (with a landing formula 2 + 2), a wheelbase increased to 2650 millimeters, a younger battery with a capacity of 66.4 kilowatt-hours and one or two electric motors to choose from.

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