Lotus is changing cleaning out old sports cars

Lotus is changing cleaning out old sports cars


Lotus company invited the owners of sports cars, the Elise and the Exige V6 produced from 2008 to the present, to make their cars more modern by installing a new digital tidy Digital Instrument Pack. The device is plug and play, that is something special to configure when connection is not necessary. And Lotus wouldn’t be Lotus if I failed to emphasize the sporty direction of the designs. In her memory, laid an accurate map of 4127 circuits of the world. Need is automatically selected satellite navigation, integrated again in this tidy.


New tidy allows you to measure and memorize the parameters of passage of a circle. It is possible to record in memory the exact coordinates of lines start and finish for the correct time frame. There is an entrance to the camcorder in order to record their exercise on the track, and then analyze the error. Also the driver is the ability to customize the information displayed on the screen. Digital Instrument Pack neatly falls into place with the usual Elise and Exige. Cost – 1470 pounds. When you install from an authorized dealer (paid separately) on the unit comes with a two year warranty.

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