Lotus partially declassified the interior of its first crossover

Lotus partially declassified the interior of its first crossover


Lotus Cars continues the teaser campaign dedicated to its first crossover – a model with the in-house designation Type 132. The manufacturer has published a short video in which for the first time it allowed us to look into the interior of the promising novelty. The video, titled Awaken, shows a dashboard with contrast stitching and a large freestanding infotainment display.

In the three previous teasers that Lotus released earlier this month, it boasted aerodynamic solutions implemented in the Type 132: the SUV will receive a breathable bezel with individually opening and closing flaps, as well as an active rear spoiler. In addition, we were shown a lidar mounted on the roof of the car. It will be used by an autonomous driving system, presumably based on Volvo technologies (Lotus and Volvo are part of the holding under the control of Geely).

By now, it is also known that the Lotus Type 132 is built on the Evolution platform, developed jointly by teams from China, Sweden and Germany to produce premium models. At Lotus, it is called the first truly global architecture to help the company dramatically increase sales and profits. The electric crossover is promised “the most advanced in the industry” 800-volt batteries with a capacity of 92 to 120 kilowatt-hours and acceleration to hundreds in less than 3 seconds.

The Lotus Type 132 will premiere in 2022. In the next four years, it will be joined by three more electric vehicles: in 2023 the “four-door coupe” Type 123 will be released, in 2025 – the compact crossover Type 134, and in 2026 – the sports car Type 135.

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