Love airplanes but I’m afraid to fly? There is a solution!

Love airplanes but I’m afraid to fly? There is a solution!


Auction house Mecum Auctions will auction a one of a kind Limo-Jet civil business jet with car wheels and a gasoline V8 engine. Of course, in the sky, he won’t rise again, but public roads can ride quite legally.

Turning the jet in a 13-metre car took 12 years. It is equipped with a 8.1 liter GM engine with 400 horsepower and 28-inch wheels and in the cabin installed a 42-inch display, leather sofas, atmospheric lighting and a 17-kilowatt sound system. Embarkation and disembarkation of passengers is carried out via a folding ladder.


Complete with a unique limousine-a plane is a Chevrolet 2500 HD with trailer to transport it. Although problems with movement on the roads of the limo-jet no – he has all necessary documents and certificates.

Currently, the limo belongs to the company Jettersetter Inc., founded by Frank De Angelo and Michael Koshevatskiy. It will be auctioned in the summer of 2020, the cost of the limo-jet is estimated at $ 5 million.

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