lovers: Toyota, how long can we wait?

lovers: Toyota, how long can we wait?


Automotive portal The Drive has published a new batch of rumors regarding equipping Toyota Supra with a manual transmission. According to experts, one of the sources in the dealer network of the brand confirmed that the new generation of the sports car will still acquire a six-speed “mechanics”, which will become an alternative to the eight-speed automatic transmission ZF. The first sports cars with manual gearshift will hit dealerships in 2023.

Despite the fact that the information was provided by an unnamed employee of the dealership, it is still impossible to confirm the veracity of the rumors. Officially, Toyota has not yet commented on the possibility of equipping the Supra with a manual transmission.

In addition, it is not known which unit will accompany the six-speed “mechanics”. It is expected to be a 340 to 387 horsepower engine. The current two-liter engine is predicted to work exclusively with the “automatic”.

In November last year, insiders shared rumors about when a Toyota Supra with “mechanics” can get on the conveyor. At the same time, the details of the unit, which will be used to equip the “charged” version of the GRMN sports car, appeared.

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