“Low” Maserati Levante is similar to the Subaru WRX


Many experts in advance sceptical about the Maserati plans to sell 75 000 models per year by 2018.

Their goal seemed even less real after the release of the Ghibli, but hope for Levante was still quite large, as it was a SUV. The company returned to the new special edition, release which is due to begin in 2020. To compete with the Germans it was always rather difficult, but it seems akin to mark Alfa Romeo has done a better job.

According to experts, Levante was the only car who could expect success. During the search for a budget cosmetic upgrades one of the foreign editions came across this little work of art.


It’s not a real model, and a three-dimensional model with realistic lighting and the background, Brad built Builds. Massive wings models help to understand the style of a drift and racing cars.

Low stand underlines the fact that the car is more like a large hatchback than anything else, and an older Subaru WRX is the obvious “Muse”. When it was rumored that Maserati wants to create your own version of a hot hatchback Giulietta QV, but it never happened.

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