Lucid Air has not yet appeared, but already lost to Tesla Model S

Lucid Air has not yet appeared, but already lost to Tesla Model S


The company Lucid Motors announced on September 9 premiere of the production version of the sedan Air, which is scheduled to start production in 2018.

American Motors company Lucid along c Faraday Future belongs to electric mobility startups of the first wave, who wanted to compete with Tesla and to create a “killer Model S”. The history of Lucid Motors began in 2007, when the company called Atieva and experimented with electric propulsion systems on the Mercedes-Benz Vito, and the name Lucid she came up with before the premiere of the prototype of the sedan to Air, which occurred at the end of 2016. Tesla had already been the Model X crossover, and criticism of the startup said that Lucid Motors had to immediately make a cross, and not chase the already stale Model S. At the time of the premiere of Lucid Motors had planned to launch Air to production at its own plant in Casa Grande (Arizona) in 2018.

As it often happens with startups, something went wrong: lack of experience and funding problems forced Lucid Motors several times to postpone the release of Air sedan on the market. The last such postponement was due to the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 – serial Air wanted to show in the spring, now called new date – 9 September, and this will be an absentee online presentation that no “second wave” could not prevent.

Now the company after the quarantine lockdown in an emergency mode completes the plant, conducts development tests of prototypes Air and tries to do everything possible to subsequently nothing had “finished” on the client machines, as it happened to Volkswagen c is expanding its electric hatchback ID.3.

Accurate prices, features and specifications yet, though in March 2017 Lucid Motors announced that the base price of Air taking into account all pertaining to USA subsidies will amount 52 $ 500, and for the top version will have to pay more than $ 100,000. Meanwhile, the real accepting orders for the Air Deposit ($1000) started only in December 2019. The basic version is likely to have only rear-wheel drive, electric power of about 400 HP, the battery is 100 kW·h and cruising range on a single charge is 300 miles (482 km). All-wheel-drive top version with a capacity of about 1,000 HP, will get the battery 130 kWh and a range of 400 miles (643 km).


First Lucid Motors is particularly proud of the reserve, 400 miles, the top version of the Air, but Tesla was dealt a crushing blow to the pride and introduced an upgraded Model S Long Range Plus a range of 402 miles (647 km). Now Air can pohvaliti before the Model S, except that flowing in the windshield panoramic roof, split rear bean chairs, audio system with active noise canceling and 29 speakers and other luxury features.

The most interesting is, of course, future plans Lucid Motors, which, hopefully, will tell us in September. Now it is clear that Air mass product will not be too expensive and the form factor is obsolete: startups now vying announce electric pickups for this case is obtained from the investors good money. I remember in 2017 Lucid Motors tried to sell Ford, but did not cause interest the leadership of the “blue oval”. But Ford was willing to Rivian invested in a startup that wants to produce electric pickup trucks and SUVs.

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