Lucid decided to demonstrate its superiority over Tesla

Lucid decided to demonstrate its superiority over Tesla


American startup Lucid Motors has taken a very powerful marketing move to demonstrate the capabilities of its Air electric sedan. The cars set off on a unique rally, which they must complete on a single charge.

A total of 20 cars from the first series of Dream Edition set off on the road. Moreover, one sedan was provided by the head of one of the company’s departments. The rest, apparently, are demo models.

Surely such a step by competitors put Elon Musk in an uncomfortable position, for whom Lucid Motors is a real bone in his throat. Not only was Lucid Air able to beat the Tesla Model S Plaid in performance, it also set a world record for cruising range. Musk’s calculation for a new version of his popular sedan was not justified, if not to say that it completely failed. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that the Model S entered the market in a hurry, and this affected the reliability of individual units, causing fires on individual machines.

Let us remind you that Lucid Air’s deliveries to customers began on October 30th. The first 520 cars will be made in a special Dream Edition, which consists of two trim levels – Range and Performance. The first feature is the increased power reserve. Four-wheel drive is installed here, and the power of the electric motors is 947 horsepower. Acceleration to 100 km / h is within 2.7 seconds. The maximum speed is limited at around 270 kilometers per hour. In trials, the Dream Edition Range was able to drive 832 kilometers on a single charge, or 774 kilometers on larger wheels.

Dream Edition Performance features a more powerful power plant and “driver” settings. The output of the motors is increased to 1128 hp. Acceleration to “hundreds” takes 2.5 seconds. However, the maximum speed and torque correspond to those of a fellow. Cruising range of 758 or 726 km depending on the wheels.

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