Lucid has come up with an original way to attract customers

Lucid has come up with an original way to attract customers


Lucid Motors has an all-electric model with the concise name Air in its arsenal. This is a luxurious and high-tech car. But in order for it to be sold, intermediaries are needed.

Lucid Motors has now begun opening its first retail studios and service centers across the United States. The flagship studio of the brand is located in Beverly Hills. It was its design that the automaker showed as an example of its concept of working with customers.

Each Lucid Studio receives an Air that customers can test for themselves to see if the vehicle is right for them.

Studios will also have a dedicated area dedicated to colours, materials and finishes to help customers customize the Air to suit their preferences. But the coolest thing about Lucid Studios is the virtual reality experience they offer.

The company has created a basic layout of the interior of the car, in which the client can sit. He then puts on a pair of VR goggles and can enter the Lucid Air of his dreams with all the options and finishes he has chosen.

Lucid is particularly proud that, unlike many other competitors, the vast majority of Air’s parts are designed in-house. These are the battery, electric motors and power electronics. So it’s no surprise that every studio also has an area showcasing some of these technologies. And, of course, such studios also have a shopping area.

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