Lucy My Lamborghini Disappeared!  *Emotional*

Lucy My Lamborghini Disappeared! *Emotional*


I’m visiting my Psyocholgist about Lucy. He clearly doesn’t understand my relationship with her, but then she disappeared!Follow me on: Music by:Haze – Air LandsHorror Themes Medley on Piano – Part 1/3 – Rhaeide

welcome Alex how are you feeling today not great doctor it’s Lucy okay tell me more well she’s my baby and I got her about five months ago and everything was so good in the beginning ready we were getting along so well but she’s changed she’s a bit of a rebel now and I just don’t know what to do excuse me go on I just don’t know what to do well that’s completely normal with infants yeah but she’s not like everyone else she’s so loud she’s fast I just can’t control her but I love her so much okay so so what happened well a few weeks ago we were out for a walk and she suddenly just stopped like dead in her tracks and I mean it’s hard to explain because she’s never done it before and I just don’t know what’s wrong you mean she already walks well yeah she does I try to encourage our treats hold on treat how old is Lucy she’s three years old oh I see I thought you got her five months ago how can she be already three years old oh well I bought it from a friend five months ago you bought her from a friend is that even legal where is she from she’s from Italy okay so you currently take care of her yeah sorry I I don’t seem to follow who is Lucy she’s my car she’s a Lamborghini Huracan a car a Lamborghini you know you’re not really meant to have that sort of attachment to to a car it’s it’s not a human being right for now I think we’re done I need to rethink this a bit doc I don’t think you understand what’s going on here come on let’s go ah thirsty she’s gone Lucy Lucy where are you scaring me Lucy Lucy oh my god Lucy you’ve been a naughty girl you should know better than to hang around with for example be a good girl Lucy stay here and take care of your brother no more of that nonsense

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