Luxembourg buses-hybrids began to travel in Kiev: their pros and cons

Luxembourg buses-hybrids began to travel in Kiev: their pros and cons


Buses with hybrid engines were launched in Kiev. These buses were spotted at the end of June. But then they worked in test mode and did not transport passengers.

Now, used Luxembourg buses Volvo 7700 Hybrid run on route No. 150 from Miloslavskaya street to the Industrial overpass. These buses were produced in 2010-2012, they have both a diesel and an electric engine. These buses run on public transport routes in Europe and Scandinavia.

The fact that a new transport has appeared in the capital was told by transport planner Anton Hagen. He rode on one of the buses and concluded that they drive softer than MAZs used by Kyivpasstrans. Anton noticed that the electric motor of these buses worked in the first gear, and then the diesel engine turned on.

Hagen noted that the air conditioning in the bus does not completely save you from stuffiness, even if the cabin is half empty. And in such transport, windows and vents do not open. The journey costs 10 hryvnia, and the bus runs every 20 minutes.

The head of the Association of Carriers of Kiev and Kiev Region, Igor Moiseenko, in a commentary for Vgorode, said that at the moment, not 12 buses from Luxembourg, as originally planned, are running on the route, but 6. He knows that they have problems with air conditioning, but it is not yet clear how they are going to solve this. Moiseenko believes that the purchase of these buses from Luxembourg is economically unprofitable. The fact is that Volvo is an expensive brand. Therefore, most of the fare will be spent on technical support.

We recently reported that the KSCA plans to replace diesel buses with modern electric buses on several routes in the next two years.

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