Luxury Chery Jetour X95 Pro for $21.000

Luxury Chery Jetour X95 Pro for $21.000


The Chinese company Chery introduces its new crossover Jetour X95 Pro – on Monday, July 20, according to the portal “New cars”. Recall that under the new brand Jetour available premium car with rich equipment. Full X95 Pro joined the X70 and X90 models. Cross X95 Pro was created on the basis of the X90, however, received a number of significant improvements. That is why he relies not only Pro designation, but a new digital index. Length of new items is 4 875 mm, and the distance between axles attains the imposing 2 855 mm.

From the exterior we note the expressive facial part in the first place catches the eye of a massive radiator grille with the large number of cells, as well as optics on the LEDs. X95 Pro got classic silhouette with a gently sloping roof. At the rear of the note lights are triangular in shape and the stop signal repeater spoiler on the tailgate. In the car the attention to himself drew shared screen digital instrument panel and multimedia complex – this design can be seen on the modern Mercedes-Benz GLE. Control climate control is made in the form of touch screen keys and has a separate screen.


Crossover allows you to comfortably accommodate 7 people. The powertrain has become a powerful 1.6-liter turbo engine capable of delivering 197 HP at 290 Nm of torque.

The engine works in tandem with a 7-speed “robot” and the front drive system. In spite of the rich equipment Jetour X95. Pro got a very high price tag – for such cars in China will have to pay 146 900 yuan (us$21.000).

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