Luxury Ramnicu: extra long Toyota LC and Lexus LX

Luxury Ramnicu: extra long Toyota LC and Lexus LX


Toyota Land Cruiser 200 has received a very expensive and luxurious extended version. The same option has got his brother, the Lexus LX.

SUVs finalized in Nizhny Novgorod Studio RIDA. They extend by 50 cm, and decided to increase both front and rear doors and center pillar roof a little moved. Now Toyota Land Cruiser 200 reaches 5450 mm in length, and Lexus LX – 5565 mm.

Salon pulled the expensive leather and Alcantara. On the second row appeared individual seats with electric drives, and separates rear passengers from the driver sliding partition.


If you wish, Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and Lexus LX can be booked at the standard B6+. This SUV can withstand fire from a Kalashnikov assault rifle or a sniper rifle of caliber of 7,62 mm, and the explosion of hand grenades.

Buy Toyota land cruiser 200 from RIDA at a price of 173 thousand dollars, and the Lexus LX will cost 198 thousand For the booking you need to pay another approximately $150 thousand.

Also I advise you to look test drive Toyota Land Cruiser 200 from the team

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