Lynk Co 05+ on Volvo platform, preparing for debut

Lynk Co 05+ on Volvo platform, preparing for debut


Lynk & Co, which belongs to the Geely brand, will release the new 05+ coupe-crossover. The forthcoming novelty is set to be a powerful version of the standard 05 cross-coupe launched two years ago.

It is expected that the coupe-crossover Lynk & Co 05+, which was “spotted” in the database of the Chinese Ministry of Industry, will be unified with the sedan Lynk & Co 03+. The car is built on the modular CMA platform developed by Volvo, equipped with a 2.0-liter turbo engine that produces 265 hp

The “charged” coupe-cross will have an interior that resembles the standard version of the car. It is expected that the car will have a three-spoke steering wheel, a multimedia complex with a 12.7-inch display, and an electronic dashboard.

As noted, the coupe-crossover Lynk & Co 05+ will be shown in the coming months. The start of car sales in China should begin this year.

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