Lynk Co 09: a harbinger of the future of the Volvo XC90

Lynk Co 09: a harbinger of the future of the Volvo XC90


Geely’s Lynk & Co brand has expanded its lineup with a large crossover 09. It uses the SPA architecture from Volvo, thus differentiating itself from the previous Links on the CMA and BMA platforms. So the “zero ninth” has a relationship with the Volvo XC90 SUV (and, apparently, its successor, it is expected this year). But earlier it was assumed that for the sake of a large seven-seat model, Lynk would simply stretch the CMA trolley.

Although the company virtually presented the car at the Shanghai Auto Show, a full-fledged photo session, as well as complete data, is not yet available. Price, however, too.

A car with diode optics and a large sunroof uses a 2 + 3 + 2 interior layout. The length of the model is about five meters.

The car will have three hybrid power plants, all based on a 2.0 turbo engine. The first – with the so-called mild 48-volt hybrid system (MHEV), eight-speed “automatic” and mechanical all-wheel drive based on the sixth generation Borg Warner clutch. The second is a HEV hybrid with electric four-wheel drive (no propeller shaft). The third is a plug-in hybrid PHEV with electric all-wheel drive (separate electric motor on the rear axle).

The optics are made in the spirit of the rest of the Links, with the characteristic twin navigation lights at the top of the hood.

But the T-shaped radiator grille with long vertical slats looks unusual for the brand.

Combined output of gasoline-electric units – from 252 to 431 hp, power of the rear electric motor – 177 hp. (130 kW). The top version will be able to recruit a hundred from scratch in 5.6 seconds. In addition, an initial front-wheel drive version with a return of 218 forces (325 Nm) and an all-wheel drive non-hybrid version of 254 forces (350 Nm) are expected, both with eight-band Aisin “automatic machines”. The SUV should be produced by the Geely group plant in Meishan, a village near the city of Ningbo.

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