“M-center” represents the Electromechanical lock of a new generation of Biometric Defend


“M-Tsentr” (the representative of the Czech DEFEND LOCK in Ukraine) is the Electromechanical lock of a new generation of Biometric Defend..

Defend Biometric – joint development of Czech and Ukrainian experts. The castle combines the reliability of a mechanical lock with advanced technology management and identification of the owner.

The main method of control and identification is a biometric sensor.

The advantages and ease of operation Defend Biometric:

  • Defend Biometric is developed individually for each vehicle type (model). Today we are working with SKODA, TOYOTA, LEXUS, SUBARU, MAZDA, NISSAN, MITSIBISHI, HONDA, KIA, SUZUKI, HYUNDAI, VW, FORD (Model number updated. Possible individual development equipment.)
  • The lock is easy to install. Set it at standard (factory) car seat.
  • Automatic arming. This feature eliminates the human factor. The owner of the car does not need to think about whether he put the car under protection. It is sufficient to close the car door with the factory key FOB and Biometric Defend will block the transmission automatically. Thus after the door is opened the lock will remain closed. The auto setting can be turned on or off via the mobile app
  • Engineers Defend Biometric has developed an application to control a security system that can work with any modern mobile device. This does not need any “master keys”, the cards and other devices for programming and management of Biometric Defend. The key is the fingerprint of the owner (occasionally may up to 100 prints)
  • The presence of key emergency opening. The ability to open the lock even if you got the battery in the car.

The function of the service.

The function of the service is intended to temporarily disable Biometric Defend. For example, when the vehicle is on maintenance.

Management function using a mobile app

Mobile application – Biometric Defend – Play market , AppStore.

The cost 12500 UAH.

Detailed information on cooperation Vyacheslav 0673848777

To see your device in the work and go to test drive and sign up for the installation at the address Bolshaya Okruzhnaya, 4. Autofocus Prague Car on the Ring, Vitali 0504171235

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