M4 Coupe based on Hyundai

M4 Coupe based on Hyundai


What to do with an old Hyundai Coupe if you want a more premium design? The answer to this question was found by the owner of a similar two-door from South Korea.

A man named Dimdi posted on the Korean forum Bobaedream photos of a Hyundai Coupe transformed into something with BMW design elements. The first images were released in September 2021 and show a black Coupe with BMW emblems, headlights with moldings, a custom front bumper with grille from the previous generation BMW 4 Series, door handles from the 5 Series, and M and xDrive badges at the rear.

In February 2022, Dimdi posted information about his new project. This is also a Hyundai Coupe, but already in white. The front bumper has been changed and is now closer to the current design of the Bavarian brand, other rims are installed, a rear bumper with a diffuser, and a spoiler. In addition, the original BMW steering wheel was transplanted, although the rest of the interior was preserved from the original car.

Dimdi noted that it was not easy to install components from other cars on Hyundai, so the assembly stretched for six months. However, he does not regret the work he has done, as the car now attracts attention and people at the car wash ask what it is every time.

Hyundai Coupe was produced from 1996 to 2008 in two generations. Under this name, the model was known in Europe, while in America the designation Tiburon was used, and in South Korea – Tuscani. “Donor” for the Dimdi project is a late copy of 2008. The standard engine for such cars was a 2.0-liter unit with 143 hp, which was combined with a 4-speed “automatic”.

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