Macan ‘long-liver’: Porsche to update crossover again

Macan ‘long-liver’: Porsche to update crossover again


The compact German crossover turns 7 this year, but the Macan’s life cycle is far from over. The “little brother” of the Porsche Cayenne SUV was updated 3 years ago and will be updated for the second time this fall.

Already in 2022, Porsche will launch the second-generation all-electric Macan, which will look more like a coupe-like SUV, technically having nothing to do with the current generation Porsche Macan. This electric Macan will move to the proprietary PPE platform, but the Macan, currently available with gasoline engines, will coexist in parallel. But already updated.

Porsche Macan will receive very minor updates. So, Porsche engineers will slightly revise the front and rear bumpers. The red reflectors currently located in the corners of the rear bumper will move closer to the license plate. The license plate recess moves down from the boot lid. Porsche will undoubtedly be upgrading the infotainment system, and it is also clear that the Macan – just like the recent Porsche Panamera – will be fitted with a steering wheel from the new 911.

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