Mad Car with GLOWING Tires!

Mad Car with GLOWING Tires!


This is a modified 53′ Lincoln Capri intially customised by the legendary George Barris who created the Batmobil from TV Show.Thanks to Greg Alonzo of Speakeasy Customs & Classics @speakeasycustomsFollow me on:

look check this out hello season yes let’s go to lunch what’s up guys typical blondie here at the Geneva International Motor Show I found the craziest car like crazy alright so this is a 1953 Lincoln for free no longer that was he original car but just look what these guys have done to it this is great Oh Gregor’s restored this car now I’m gonna get straight right there are crazy crazy details look at this tire it’s flashing so you can choose the colour you can just leave it on whatever color you want but there is a like a little button that you can press to make it flash or like do crazy things this tire weighs seven times an average tire an average size like 20 pounds each tire weighs a hundred and fifty pounds so that’s like 600 pounds of tire on the entire car the material isn’t comeall they really think feel pain it’s a type of polyurethane so what’s inside here is this this is air like oh there’s no air inside so this is a solid tire with some LEDs inside the rim here that’s crazy okay now next thing right how do you open the door it’s hiding down here amongst these radio buttons these were actually taken off radios it is right here I’m going to push this here we go doors open all of this is 24 karat gold plating we would have thought the Anders approximately between 3,000 and 4,000 of dollars worth of gold on the carpet that’s crazy all right let’s check this out hello season yes let’s go to lunch there’s a TV in here the owner of this vehicle the original owner was the guy who built the original Batmobile for the TV show Batman George Barris even crazier I have never seen this before I promise you you’ve never seen this either this is the steering wheel so this steering wheel can be taken out completely and this turns into the steering wheel so if you want to steer right look at that left right on just this little thing down there so you’d be sitting in this driving seat with no steering wheel in front of you and you’d be using this now even crazier is this is also the gas and the brake if you want to accelerate you just go forward like this and if you want to brake you pull it down you are controlling the entire car the steering the gas and the brake with one little pedal here with your hand so you’re not using your feet at all this is crazy did you do this or oh no no this was he’s making guys after he bought it about four years ago he went back in and started making a lot of modifications to acrylic domes right which the original one had a much different group how do you get into the back the seat boo-boos at least one is made sure to get it right right yeah been really duck to get in there but he also and their what three thousand of these buttons on the car there’s a little over three thousand and you source these buttons from a break yeah they originally when they purchased was a Chrysler from a Chrysler 50 something Chrysler I find that many radio buttons were involved they were they were actually purchased in the time period yeah we actually found the receipt and all this paperwork for his receipt for like four thousand of these buttons from the radio manufacturer itself they want to directly on manufacturers uh who thinks of doing that so now they’re just decoration value yes or are seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars for this car now after everything that has been done to is it actually for sale no it’s been actually going to be going to Clermont collections in Chicago actually in the city that has about 350 vehicles in the election it’s an amazing collection they’ve got a lot of one-of-a-kind a very original cars like this and once everything is settled down a little bit it’ll find a permanent home there there you go guys craziest car here at the Geneva International Motor Show give us quick thumbs up like the video and subscribe to my account we’ve got such crazy stuff to come from all right amount love you

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