Made in China: Chinese Model Y arrived in Europe

Made in China: Chinese Model Y arrived in Europe


The first Chinese-assembled Tesla Model Y electric crossovers were delivered to Europe. The official start of sales is scheduled for September, but it is possible that customers will start receiving their cars in August.

The Model Y will enter the European market earlier than announced on the Tesla website, but later than originally planned. This is due to the delay in the completion of the construction of the Tesla plant in the vicinity of Berlin. It was assumed that cars for Europe would be produced in Germany, but Tesla’s management did not have the patience and began to import Model Y from China.

In Germany, pre-orders for Tesla Model Y began to be accepted in early July. According to Teslarati, which cites Daniel Rijek, senior key account manager at Tesla in Munich, the first ship with the new Tesla is already docked.

According to Tesla’s website, German market entry is still scheduled for September. However, even at the time of the start of collecting pre-orders in early July, there were rumors that deliveries could begin in August. In addition, Tesla invited journalists to its Berlin showroom for August 19.

Recall that in the United States, the Tesla Model Y electric crossover began selling in March 2020, and in China in January 2021. American Model Ys are now produced at the Fremont plant, California, and Chinese Model Ys are manufactured at the Gigafabrik in Shanghai.

Model Y is equipped with a 75 kWh traction battery, the car is presented in single-engine rear-wheel drive and twin-engine all-wheel drive versions. The power reserve, depending on the modification, is from 393 to 525 km in the American EPA test cycle. In the US, the Model Y Long Range starts at $ 53,190 after the recent price hike, and in Germany at € 56,990 ($ 67,583).

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