Made In USA: Nissan announces two new electric vehicles

Made In USA: Nissan announces two new electric vehicles


The Japanese company Nissan has released teasers of two new models, one of which bears the logo of the premium sub-brand Infiniti. Their debut date is 2025. Production will be carried out by a plant in the American city of Canton, which is located in the state of Mississippi. Nissan intends to invest about $500 million in the modernization of production.

As you can see in the video, future novelties have three-volume bodies. In addition, both cars received mono-optics, both front and rear. And if Nissan has narrow LED strips, then Infiniti designers have made a rather interesting pattern of small LED strips. The swift silhouette of both electric vehicles indirectly hints that we have cars with a sports bias. Model names are not disclosed.

Nissan says the $500 million investment in the Canton plant will be just the first major investment in American electric vehicle production. In the next five years, the Japanese will also invest in the production of electric vehicles in the United States.

By 2030, the company plans to release 15 electric vehicles worldwide. Moreover, according to Nissan’s plans, 40 percent of sales in the US in the future will come from “battery” cars. Interestingly, Nissan recently announced that it was ceasing to design new internal combustion engines. However, for trucks and SUVs sold in the US, gasoline powertrains will continue to be actively upgraded.

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance is currently developing five electric mobility platforms that can be used by all brands within the concern. These are CMF-AEV, KEI-EV, LCV-EV, CMF-EV and CMF-BEV. Importantly, the corporation even has plans to produce solid-state batteries by mid-2028.

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