Magna has found a way to save battery power

Magna has found a way to save battery power


Magna, known as a developer and supplier of automotive components, including electrical and electronic, will showcase various innovations at CES 2022, including the EtelligentReach connected drive system. It uses new software to maximize the range and driving dynamics. The software optimizes the interaction of electric drive components in such a way that it allows getting up to 145 additional kilometers of mileage, or 30%, in comparison with some serial electric cars “in this segment”. In which – it is not specified. Simply Magna explains that the EtelligentReach will debut in the market in 2022 inside an unnamed new electric model.

The use of the Jaguar I-Pace crossover as a test carrier of units does not mean that Magna’s development will appear in the series on it. Similarly, in 2017, Magna used Tesla S to test new electric motors, although it did not make them for Tesla.

EtelligentReach includes a pair of electric motors (one per axle) with their own gearboxes and efficient silicon carbide inverters.

The EtelligentReach control unit affects the operation of the drive and chassis, changing the distribution of traction along the axles not only depending on the road situation, but also when cornering. It also optimizes energy recovery on long descents or when braking.

EtelligentReach allows you to achieve the best performance from an electric car with these motors and batteries, and also change settings between several driving modes. To save energy, you can also completely disconnect the front engine from the wheels using a special clutch. EtelligentReach is just one new electrification product, the company said. Previously, a similar control system was created for hybrid plants such as PHEV, EtelligentEco, with cloud computing to optimize plant utilization and reduce emissions.

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