Mahindra Bolero 2020: new diesel, still no multimedia, but folding chairs left

Mahindra Bolero 2020: new diesel, still no multimedia, but folding chairs left


The Indian Rover tweaked the appearance, the cabin also has a small change. But the main new thing was the diesel that was brought to ekonorm BS6 (similar to Euro 6).

Frame SUV Mahindra Bolero debuted in India in 2000, and then there are pickup related. And in 2016, the passenger of the vehicle got a shortened version with the console Power +: the length of this model is equal to 3995 mm (112 mm less than the then-standard option), so that its owners can get tax breaks (in India preferential category includes machines of length up to four meters). Last year, the “normal” Bolero sacked, well, Bolero Power + now has undergone restyling.

So, the model received a new grille and headlights, upgraded lights (they are now with “clear” panels), differently decorated with lights, plus replaced the front bumper – it meets the new pedestrian safety regulations (by the way, Indian media claim that the bumper have a Bolero made of metal).


Inside a different steering wheel, new color theme. In Mahindra said that the seats “new design”. As before, in the base seven-seater Bolero: in the trunk facing each other have two folding chair. The list of standard equipment still includes a driver’s airbag, ABS and rear Parking sensors, on top of even the cheapest SUV now has air conditioning (in the pre-reform model he appeared, beginning with the second-highest configuration). The top version has a Keyless entry system and radio with USB and Bluetooth. But neither the second “airbag”, no Bolero multimedia system is still not accessible even for surcharge.

Three-cylinder turbodiesel 1.5 mHawk has led to a new local ehkonorm BS6 (similar to Euro 6), its capacity has increased from 71 to 76 HP and maximum torque from 195 to 210 Nm. The motor has the start-stop system, it is combined with the previous five-speed “mechanics”. Drive the Bolero only the rear, although four-wheel drive was provided for the “long” and “short” models.

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In Delhi, the new SUV worth 798 000 to 899 000 rupees, equivalent to about 10 500 – 11 800 dollars at the current exchange rate.

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