Making a $10million commercial with Oscar winner Hans Zimmer

Making a $10million commercial with Oscar winner Hans Zimmer


I’ve flown to LA to film a car commercial with BMW and Oscar winner Hans Zimmer! With 50 people working on one commercial, the set up is insane!! #bmw #i4 #hanszimmer

what do you think of this rig huh it’s a little bit more professional than on youtube i’m actually filming a commercial with bmw let me show you around what something like this actually takes we’ve got the director up here in the little i don’t know what tent this whole ted thing got all these screens up here showing all the different angles and then for the first assistant director right that is correct the first is security okay i got it right all right now um we’ve got camera peeps over here lots of uh camera directors assistants everything right so what driving skills do you need for this absolutely not which is perfect for me the car’s like on the trailer so you don’t have to concentrate on what you’re saying and driving around the roads at the same time because it comes dangerous so they literally just like make it look like you’re driving but you’re not moving so good look at that i’m just doing it’s amazing like wow really good how can you be so talented that was incredible she did in the she closes her laptop she stands really well there’s a big explosion and then the truck drives into her but she skates away suddenly and then the dog chases her and then the helicopter comes and then the big truck appears again basically yeah and then a gentleman hans comes and he tries to rescue her but she’s driving away quickly very quickly yes this is how you drive this is hans zimmer he’s our co-star for the commercial today hans is an academy award winner uh grammy winner everything you can think of basically he composes all of the most famous soundtracks you’ve heard of like the lion king superman batman gladiator inception what and i’m surrounded by incredibly talented people like her oh let me just say something about this wonderful woman oh here we go who single-handedly cracked a male-dominated market of supercars and being taken seriously by a bunch of guys i know what he wants to say yeah i know you know what i want to say right and i just i just love her to because she she she broke she broke through that glass ceiling that’s so sweet and she knows how to drive and she loves just not today i’m just not driving and she knows how to roar they need to rock can we control the new soundtrack for for the electric cars like this bmw looking good how is she driving she’s driving kind of stiff magnificent better than i’ve ever driven before she is driving the style this trailer over here which is over here and uh bathroom in here and then this is cool this is like your little dressing room so i’ve got all of my outfit changes here and i just get to curtain this office here and you got your makeup mirror and so this is where i’m just going to chill for a few minutes then we go out for another few hours and keep filming a few minutes later cause there ain’t nobody could even be my friends ain’t nobody

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