Maksim Shkil: 1600 km in 24 hours in serial electric car is a reality


2020 the window has several characteristics, like the presence of a smartphone in the pockets of the vast majority of the population in developed countries. In the automotive business such feature is the presence on the market of a number of diverse production models that run on electricity. One of the main disadvantages of such vehicles are quite moderate Autonomous stock stroke, when compared with models with conventional internal combustion engine…

Admittedly, the lack significant. Not surprisingly, Audi decided to prove: the currently available technical level is enough for travel driving of an electric car for more than 1500 km a Great theme for yet another conversation with Maksim Shkil, the founder of Audi Centre Odesa South!

– Maxim, let me start this conversation with clarification: it will be about the mileage of 1600 km, which went Audi e-tron quattro 55 with serial stock movement on a single charge up to 436 kilometers (WLTP)?

– So. And I want to note that these machines only had three, each with three people. That is, we can say that it is about the journey of a family of three. I also note that all three crew members each Audi e-tron were adults. This is quite important, since thus we are talking about the total weight of each of the machines.

– If we are talking in this direction, I propose to recall the key parameters of the first production pure electric models from Audi: e-tron was presented in mid-September of 2018. The machine has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 95 kWh, two electric motors with a total capacity equivalent to 360 HP (265 kW; and 408 HP (300 kW), weight 2490 kg (excluding driver) and runs the sprint from standstill in 6.6 s (5.7 SV mode Busto). On the margin of Autonomous movement already mentioned above…

– All right. I will only add that the run was carried out before the end of November last year, Audi began offering the updated e-tron with extended 25 km to the reserve, and trim package S-line. With regard to the increase of the distance of Autonomous movement, she reached through the use of more advanced technical components and updated software.

– To finally understand about car of the class in question: which of the current models of the Audi you can compare the e-tron?

– Let’s look at the technical parameters. The actual Audi Q5 has 4663 mm long and 2819 mm wheelbase. Audi Q8 4986 mm length and 2995 mm wheelbase. Now compare with the e-tron: 4901 mm 2928 mm, respectively. That is, it is significantly more Q5 and Q8 is more compact. Incidentally, the dimensions and location of the battery in the base under the floor provided the full functionality that a potential buyer expect from crossover: 5 seats, a Luggage compartment with a volume of 660 litres (or 1725 with folded rear seat backs)…

– For the day Audi e-tron overcame 1600 miles and traveled to 10 European countries. They have done their task?

The main goal of this run was to prove the real example of the life that now pass for a day on electric cars more than 1500 km is quite real. Many consider such a trip, but the vast majority are afraid of the need to carefully plan the route, to calculate the reserve and the distance between charging stations … Again, despite the fact that in 19 European countries and a network of charging stations is about 100 000 units, there is still a chance to come charging and to get into the turn, significantly affects the amount of time in the road. But the mileage has demonstrated that it is possible to start in Slovenia through Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium to drive to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. And all this in a day. Agree, more like a journey into a good pace on conventional cars.

Yeah, the pace really pleasantly surprised. But we must remember that we are talking about Europe, where paths can cover fairly large distances in a moderate time…

– Of course. And as noted above, the European network of charging stations already allows you to travel, not particularly worrying about the possibility to replenish the battery charge. All you need to do is plan a route in accordance with the location of the charges. And still travel an electric vehicle long distances are more exotic. Audi have demonstrated: take a trip on three electric vehicles, you can count on the fact that they are quietly overcome the set distance in the stipulated period of time.

For this we need to understand how much time generally will have to spend on the road and to replenish the battery charge. And here we must go back to concrete figures: the stock of Autonomous movement, declared by the manufacturer for the e-tron achieves 436 km. Per day has been covered more than 1500 km. How many times have I had to charge the batteries of cars that participated in the mileage and how long was the charging time?

– All three Audi e-tron has been charged for the same seven times. The first charge was in Karnten, then in South Tyrol, Vorarlberg, in the Canton of Zurich, Brisgau, Afele and near Liege. Thus to charge the battery to 80% using the charger needs less than half an hour. Thus, for example, in the Alps electrohydraulic brake system on the descents allowed to replenish the battery charge using the recovery mode. And of course, aerodynamics were figured out even with great attention, what is done with cars with internal combustion engines, as for electric vehicles, the minimum resistance of the counter air is of even greater importance. For example, the radiator grille has active shutters, at the command of electronics to optimize the flow of air, and the bottom, fully closed aerodynamic shields. Ground clearance is 172 mm.

– What is the main conclusion of the run?

– The main condition that this trip was quite successful, was the presence of 150-kilowatt chargers of DC for the entire route. Without them the batteries would be much more time and about the time, which eventually needed to overcome the 1,600 km, even to think it would be uncomfortable.

– But the owner has the ability to charge swiu Audi e-tron and away from the home network?

– Of course. In addition, the car can be charged by AC systems up to 22 kW. Given that the network energy charges in Ukraine continues to evolve, the journey, but within our country – it is not a theory but a complete reality. Moreover, the sale of Audi e-tron has already started.

– What’s the price Audi e-tron in Ukraine?

– Prices start at 1 million 799 thousand 573 UAH (at the rate of almost 65 000 euros approx. S-E).

Technical characteristics of Audi e-tron


D – 4901 mm
S – 2043 mm
In 1629 mm

Wheelbase 2929 mm

Ground clearance is 172 mm

Curb weight of 2490 kg (excluding the driver).

The capacity of the Luggage compartment – 660 l (1725 l with folded rear seats).

Power transmission:

Li-ion rechargeable battery with a capacity of 95 kWh.

Two electric motors with a total output of 265 kW (360 HP equivalent) / 300 kW in mode Busto (equivalent to 408 HP).

All-wheel drive with individual motor on each axle.


0-100 km/h – 6.6 s (5.7 SV mode Busto).

Maximum speed – 200 km/h.

Stock movement on a single charge – up to 436 kilometers (WLTP).

P. S. In late November, Audi has offered another version of e-tron: first generation 5-door cross-coupe Audi e-tron Sportback 2020 model year. Compared to “regular” e-tron machine has more reasonable features, namely a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 71 kWh, power that is equivalent to 313 HP (mode Busto), an Autonomous stock turn to 347 km and a curb weight 2370 kg (excluding the driver). Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h in the mode Busto is 6.8 C. Collect electric Audi a CO2 neutral factory in Brussels.

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