MAN prepares an electric truck with a power reserve of 500 km

MAN prepares an electric truck with a power reserve of 500 km


When it comes to electric trucks, most people usually think of the Tesla Semi, which is still out of production. However, mass-produced electric trucks already exist and are being developed.

MAN currently has a line of eTGM electric 3-axle trucks. Power up to 360 hp with 3100 Nm of torque, it is enough to carry the same load as its diesel counterpart. However, the cruising range is only 200 km. Trucks like these are great in the city and its surroundings. Complete absence of harmful emissions and almost complete noiselessness. However, this is not enough to work on long-distance routes.

In addition to the medium-sized truck, MAN also has an eTGE all-metal van in the model range, which is an analogue of the VW Crafter. It can transport 1.7 tons over a distance of 160 km.

MAN plans to address this deficiency by 2024. The new line of electric trucks should have a range of at least 500 kilometers, which, with a quick charge, is already enough to work on long routes.

In the EU, a truck driver has the right to drive for 4.5 hours, after which he must take a break for at least 45 minutes and can drive for another 4.5 hours. Those. no more than 9 hours a day. True, if certain conditions are met, it is allowed to ride for 10 hours 2 times a week. Under ideal conditions, a truck can travel no more than 400 km in 4.5 hours. If, during rest, the truck is recharged on a fast charger, then it will be able to drive the remaining 400 km without any problems. In any case, after 2024, development will not stop, and in a few years more trucks with a cruising range of 700-1000 km should appear. This range will be enough for a full working day, even without recharging.

Previously, MAN representatives have already reported that the company does not intend to produce trucks on hydrogen fuel cells. According to the manufacturer, classic electric vehicles are significantly more reliable than fuel cell models.

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