Manny Pacquiao New President of Philippines?!

Manny Pacquiao New President of Philippines?!


Manny Pacquiao and Errol Spence Jr. are set to fight in Las Vegas on August 21th 2021 – don’t miss it!Check out @mannypacquiaofficial

will you ever run for president what’s up it’s supercar blondie here in la and you will not believe who is in this car right here come with me all right look who it is so nice to have you on the channel guys i cannot believe this i’ve actually got a story up right now asking you guys what you want to ask manny so i’m going to check that story in a couple minutes and come back to your fan questions okay take a seat manny i’ll get in with you manny is in la right now training for an upcoming fight in one month right yes who are you fighting i’m fighting with uh errol spins are you nervous no i love the confidence that’s the confidence of a champion are you a car fan yeah you love them i love cars yeah yeah what about this one this one is nice very nice beautiful what do you drive back in the philippines escalade an escalade you want to go under the radar yeah i have escalade and i have uh first cayenne oh porsche cayenne oh okay so you have yeah oh it’s perfect i brought you a perfect brand that’s great and dream car manny pacquiao’s dream car what is it yeah any rolls-royce this guy’s got taste yeah lamborghini and lamborghini all right if the longer i stay here the more cause he’s going to say after this it’ll be ferrari then it’ll be porsche that’s awesome what are you driving here escalade as well here um this uh a mercedes a mercedes okay so you like to fly under the radar a little bit you don’t want to get noticed no it’s just uh looking yeah low-key okay yeah because i mean if if you see a bright yellow lamborghini go by you look in you see it’s manny people who go crazy you’ve been in politics now for a few years all right for those of you who don’t know manny pacquiao’s also a senator in the philippines what’s more difficult boxing or politics both both um boxing is hard but the politics is hard also it’s harder okay and is this this fight that’s coming up is this going to be your last ever professional fight it’s hard to say but it could be it could be it could be or uh they’re more okay after you finish boxing you’re gonna focus on politics yeah focus on serving the people okay all right nice let’s get out because now is my opportunity to learn from the very very best i do not know how to box i do a little bit of boxing for training but like not really all right okay ready and straight just straight yeah see you you do the left just thread so i’ll do that wait which one so where does this go this one’s straight where where here yeah right here ben and bam and then this one yes and then this one goes where here here so bam bam and then i’m a champion jumping yeah so easy who knew who knew so you’ve had how many knockouts now 37 i think one with knockout i think uh yeah more or less 37. and it’s always been the same move yes always so when they see that coming for them they know that’s the last thing they see that’s just that’s it and boom they’re out that’s awesome okay so for amateurs say because i’m an amateur and i think most people watching what is the one move that i need to know as an amateur to protect myself you know like either self-defense or football oh really so when you have when you do put both work make sure that your weight is in in the middle in the mid center of the body because if you go like this you’re out balancing yes yes make sure that always uh in the center okay okay that makes sense yeah i’m actually getting like a million dollar boxing lesson right now if you want to learn boxing from manny pacquiao i’d probably charge you a million dollars so i’ll send you the check later okay so today you’ve been training today right yeah uh today uh we jog in the morning and training the afternoon like that boxing training in the afternoon watching training in the afternoon but morning is juggling yeah how far do you go oh one hour or more more than one hour jogging so like ten up hills and stuff around here in l.a in hollywood in hollywood oh you just parked there and then jog all the way up and down hills do you do you actually have your bodyguards jog with you they your jog with you no they just watch they can’t keep up can they ride a car they’re in the car behind yeah yeah that would be me too i would could never catch up with you no way manny has been so kind to actually invite us on the supercar blondie channel to his home here in la which is so so nice of you thank you so much what i’m gonna do now is get out your fan questions because uh this has been up for about 10 minutes and i bet we’ve got thousands of questions but i’m gonna choose i’m just gonna go through them here we go okay now we go on to this and this and here we go all right here we go you know how youtubers have been getting into boxing lately like jake paul and logan paul they’ve been boxing would you ever box jake paul question one it depends depends on on money no the money is about how we uh fix and uh negotiate the uh the the vineyard and the day okay all right so it’s possible possible yeah it’s possible there you go all right because logan paul just fought floyd mayweather yeah right so you’re not opposed to fighting youtubers you think it’s okay i mean uh it’s just just have fun why not interesting people but nothing changes oh no charges just to entertain people okay all right i’m not sure you get jake on board with that one okay what’s your dream boxing match we did already in the past who was it the de la hoya fight okay also uh the fight with uh barrier one okay all right what was your first ever car bmw bmw which one just the three series guys that’s crazy all right okay they’re your fan questions guys okay here’s the last question i think a lot of filipino fans will want to know the answer to this what is that nervous [Laughter] uh will you ever run for president oh that’s a tricky question yeah i’ll answer that after the fight oh okay all right okay all right i’m looking forward to that where are you gonna announce this i’ll be watching are you actually gonna say something oh he’s gonna say something he’s gonna say something considering it and planning for that okay after this fight one at a time like i said one time of course yeah you can’t be thinking about that while you’re in the ring you’ve got to concentrate on what’s coming up right now my focus are 100 percent to the fight of course that makes sense well thank you so much for being on the channel this is so exciting guys maddie pacquiao thank you guys all right we’ll see you in the philippines then yeah i’d love to come over sure that would be amazing all right we’ll see you guys there yeah thank you so much awesome all right fans thank you to all your support and don’t forget to subscribe this this uh uh channel blandy and it’s gonna be it’s gonna be fun and more fun and um there’s uh new cars that’s it that’s it thank you manny that is awesome bye guys all right look just in case you need more training you can have that back this is my training every day i wear this around it’s like 10 kilos and i just do squats in it you know that’s my training yeah

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