Mansory vs Ferrari

Mansory vs Ferrari


According to Reuters, the European Union court sided with the Italian brand Ferrari, which has filed a lawsuit against the tuning studio Mansory for copyright infringement on the design of the car.

First, the Italian company Ferrari filed a lawsuit against the tuning studio Mansory in the District Court of Dusseldorf in Germany, accusing the tuners of illegally copying the exterior of the limited Ferrari FXX K hypercar when creating the 4XX Siracusa supercar, which was developed on the basis of the 488 GTB model. But this court did not accept Ferrari’s claim, considering the company’s arguments unconvincing.

Then the Ferrari brand appealed to the regional court of higher instance in Dusseldorf, but they also agreed with the previous decision. Finally, the German Federal Court nevertheless accepted the claim of the Ferrari brand for consideration, but sent it to the Court of Justice of the European Union, since this situation was associated with certain nuances of EU legislation.

In its lawsuit, Ferrari points out that Mansory copied the V-piece on the bonnet of the FXX K, as well as the split air intake and front spoiler with a massive B-pillar, not counting the wing. The court ruled that Ferrari’s claims to the design of “individual elements, indicated by specific lines, contours, colors, shapes or textures” in this case are well founded. The final decision on a possible ban on the implementation of the Mansory 4XX Siracusa model will now have to be made by the German Federal Court.

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