Manufacturer of hookahs has released an SUV with retractable caterpillar

Manufacturer of hookahs has released an SUV with retractable caterpillar

Manufacturer of hookahs has created a premium SUV with retractable caterpillar. Hookahs – the core business was in Albuquerque Ramsider, along with Ramsmobile, part of the Rams Group.

American company Ramsmobile brought at the Frankfurt motor show SUV Protos RM-X2, which, according to its developers, is able to move on any terrain. For a “superpower” meets in the center caterpillar with hydraulic drive. His brainchild the company calls a “multi-Hypercam” and the firstborn segment UUV – ultimate utility vehicles (Ultimate Utility Vehicle). A feeling that Protos RM-X2 is a radically reworked Hummer H1, but it is not pronounced out loud.


The basis of their Rover company took a monocoque carbon fiber and in the manufacture of the suspension and steering were used high-strength titanium alloy BT23. But an external panel made of a composite. If desired, the body can be reinforced with carbon or Kevlar, and instead of the usual glass insert bulletproof.

In General, the Protos RM-X2 will be released in three versions: Ascetic, Devil, God, and Ramsider. The first SUV with a 6.2-liter LT5 V8 1000 HP will be the fastest and lightest in this collection. The “devil” Protos will get the Central caterpillar with electric or hydraulic drive, huge wheels, decor of gold and a cabin for six seats. The remaining two versions promise to declassify a little later.


In motor line Protos RM-X2 will also include the 6.6-liter Duramax diesel. The plan is to create a version of the SUV for “battery”. The list of equipment of the new SUV includes a robotic actuator doors, thermal imager, night vision system, a hydropneumatic suspension with laser height control, etc. For extra charge you can get a pack of the smoker with electronic hookah and winch.

How do you assess the design?

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