Mapem or Сopart: what auction is it better to buy a car

Mapem or Сopart: what auction is it better to buy a car


The most popular sites where you can buy cheap quality cars from the USA, is the largest Manheim auctions and Copart. If the first billed only machine in the ideal (satisfactory) condition, the second can be cheap to buy a car with damages or defects.

What the car sold on Copart

All vehicles in this auction are sold in “as is”. They put up for sale insurance agents, individuals or legal entities, banks, STO. Here you can buy a car at the lowest price. Not to fall for the trick of unscrupulous businessmen that only mask the damage and then resell the car at a higher price, it is better to contact the experts of America Motors. We will help you make the right choice!

Currently, the Copart auction for sale of more than 200,000 cars. To the beginner it is very difficult for pictures to assess the condition of any vehicle without access to check vehicle history (Carfax or Autocheck). To avoid mistakes and not to waste money, go to the site of America Motors and make an order. It says the real price, which will cost you a car from the US under the key.

The Benefits Of Copart:

  • large selection, variety of models;
  • low price;
  • high build quality, decent equipment.

What cars sell at Manheim

On this trading platform are only sold whole vehicle in ideal or satisfactory condition, so the prices are much higher than Copart. Here you can buy cars:

  • the former is the balance of companies, enterprises, legal entities;
  • seized by banks;
  • former rental;
  • unsold on time, with an expired warranty from auto;
  • factory defect, not subject to sale through a dealership;
  • received for the trade-in.

The Advantages Of Manheim:

  • cars do not require additional investments;
  • a high degree of reliability, possible fraud;
  • providing full information on technical condition of the object of interest.

Of the minuses can be called only that the auction closed for individuals. to Buy a car only through accredited dealer with a good reputation. Our company will help you with the purchase of any machine. Any chosen on the website model will deliver in the shortest possible time. Prices are inclusive of all costs!

What do we offer?

Our company offers full support purchases from major auctions of America.

  1. The choice of vehicle for the required specifications (model, color, engine power, gearbox type, fuel consumption and so on).
  2. Check the selected lot on the bases, tracing the history of exploitation, the report.
  3. The computation of the final car cost, including all costs, fees and charges.
  4. Purchase and delivery of a selected lot to your city.
  5. Assistance in preparation of documents, registration.
  6. Assist in the repair, selection of spare parts.
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