Maserati expands lineup

Maserati expands lineup


The Italian company Maserati prepares for the appearance of two new supercars. This became known on Tuesday, July 28, after the appearance of the teaser image. Recall that in 2018, Maserati presented a new modification of the cross Levante with a powerful 590-horsepower engine V8. On the teaser images, we can see silhouettes of two new sedans – according to preliminary data, they will be the model Ghibli and Quattroporte Trofeo.

Also in his account on the social network Twitter Maserati said that the debut of the car will be held on August 10, so the wait is less than two weeks. Official details on the high-profile updates no, but given the similarity with Levante Trofeo is possible to make a number of assumptions. At this point in the modification Quattroporte Trofeo has a 523-horsepower powerplant, therefore, with high probability he will also get a V8 engine with output of 590 HP


After the appearance of two new models along with Levante will be the most fast cars of Maserati.

It will also be interesting to see how engineers have modified the suspension and brakes of new cars.

We will remind that quite recently, Maserati presented its first-ever hybrid model – it was the sedan Ghibli. In comparison with a diesel power plant emissions of the car decreased by 25%.

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