Maserati has a division of Classiche

Maserati has a division of Classiche


Maserati has announced the launch of its Classiche business unit. Its specialists issue certificates that certify the historical authenticity of the Italian brand’s cars. The firstborn was the silver Maserati Mistral 3700, built in March 1969.

In order to issue a compliance document, Classiche specialists carried out more than 300 checks – almost every detail was compared with materials from its own historical archive.

The certification process is only offered for Maserati vehicles built more than 20 years ago and for special editions. The program includes services for maintenance and minor repairs, but in the near future they will offer a full-fledged restoration for rarities. Moreover, it will be possible to order even those components and spare parts that have not been sold on the market for a long time.

There is another piece of news about Maserati: the day before, the company invited former Manchester United footballer David Beckham to test the MC20 supercar on the Modena track. “This is by far one of the best cars I’ve ever driven,” the 46-year-old celebrity said after testing. The athlete also noted that the car made him feel like a 17-year-old boy who just got behind the wheel again. However, since the beginning of this year, David Beckham has been the official ambassador of the Maserati brand, so he would hardly say something bad about the supercar. He will be testing Grecale soon.

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