Maserati played his first electric motor

Maserati played his first electric motor


Italians promise that fans of the eight-cylinder roar will not be disappointed: “music is changing – the principles remain.”

Maserati has promised total electrification of the model range, and, as it turned out, the words company case do not disagree: prototypes of an electric sports car ready. Particular attention is paid to the firm sound of future electric vehicles, so I believe that signature sound of engines Maserati is as much a part of their image as specifications or external design.

And all-electric Maserati would not be completely silent: the development of a “scale” for them, too, is in full swing. The company has already provided an opportunity to evaluate one of the sound options of future electric vehicles, publishing brand soundtrack, and incidentally marking the approximate date of opening. At the end of the video will appear on screen characters MMXXI – which can be regarded as 2021 the number recorded in Roman numerals. And the first electric “Maserati” should be a model GranTurismo with a new generation.


It is also worth noting that all of the required development the company conducts independently, without recourse to possible technical partners. States that have already built a few electric prototypes that undergo a series of severe tests.

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