Maserati will use the autopilots BMW

Maserati will use the autopilots BMW

The Italian carmaker announced the intention to use Autonomous driving technology developed by BMW in its future cars.

On Monday, speaking to an industry group, the Chairman of Fiat John Elkann could not specify the date when the Maserati will be the system with auto-pilot. However, he said that Maserati will be the first brand of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which will use the technology of the BMW, reports Bloomberg.

Maserati has joined a technological consortium of automakers, led by BMW in 2017, and also actively cooperates with Waymo in the development of Autonomous technologies. In fact, most of Waymo unmanned fleet consists of minivans Chrysler Pacifica.

This is the first good news about Maserati for quite a long time after this year sales in the first quarter fell by 32% in the Wake of the decline in 2018 is 28%.

Recall that on 1 January 2019 Italian car manufacturer fired 2 445 employees at its Mirafiori plant in Turin, Italy, and about 800 employees an extra 4 March. A series of layoffs will last until 31 December 2019. During the year, the remaining staff will attend training courses on the technologies of electric and hybrid power plants as the company prepares to start production of electric vehicles in 2020, and the first model got in the pipeline, will be the Fiat 500e to the next generation.

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