Mass accident with the new Land Cruiser 300

Mass accident with the new Land Cruiser 300


The Land Cruiser 300 SUV has just started to roll off the assembly line and spread between different countries, but one batch of cars was very unlucky – they got into an accident without even getting their first license plates.

There are practically no details about the incident, it is only known that an accident involving an auto transporter occurred in Salal, the third largest city in Oman, when brand new SUVs were being taken to a car dealership. Photos and videos of eyewitnesses from the scene were published in the Instagram account of the kurdistan automotive blog.

The records show that the transporter overturned, while some of the SUVs fell onto the road and the side of the road, other vehicles remained trapped between the tiers of the transport structure. Later, the injured LC 300 was filmed in the parking lot. Obviously, they are no longer recoverable and will be sent for recycling.

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At the moment there is no information whether the driver of the transporter was injured in the accident and how many Kruzakovs were destroyed. Car deliveries began a few weeks ago with the priority of the Arab countries, where the Land Cruiser is highly valued. For example, in the United Arab Emirates, a new-generation model has already arrived at the disposal of the police.

Earlier it was reported that the first Toyota Land Cruiser 300 had already arrived in Ukraine. In particular, a batch of new SUVs was recently filmed at an auto transporter in Kiev.

Recall that the new Toyota Land Cruiser was presented at the beginning of June. The SUV received a new frame and body, replaced the V8 engines with V6 engines with twin turbocharging, and also received a new set of security systems and additional options.

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