Max Verstappen beaten | F1 Challenge

Max Verstappen beaten | F1 Challenge


I’m in Amsterdam with Max Verstappen at his new Tag Heuer Watch launch. I beat him at a Formula 1 challenge!Follow me on:https:/

they own this Lane and we are guests of this length it’s written on the road but it’s induction I don’t blame you are you serious so I’m a guest of their body right now on this on this Lane you are cuz I read in the bicycle lane yeah well done guys it is Super Cub one thing I’m here in Amsterdam and I’ll be practicing my Dutch I’m pretty sure I’m gonna murder this language I’ll give it a go Hot Tamale sorry I minded anyway that’s why let’s go so today I’m going to be challenging at max to snappin on who can change f1 tire the fastest don’t tell him I’ve never actually changed a tie in my life is gonna be a little bigger camera I think I’m gonna be fluent in Dutch by the end of the day I’ve got my first line down max even approved that one I’ve called him a Laker team already which is like what like it a little sweet thing that pops that was fine okay I know what I’m doing huh I just got to make sure I turn on the hazard lights on the f1 car that’s the first tip I have a feeling changing an f1 tire is going to be completely different to this max yeah do you know how to change an f1 driver well normally not but I think I can so slight advantage I think but you’ve never done it yourself I have tried a few times okay not the real guns because the real guns they can really damage your risk if you don’t do it well right so we’re gonna work out with broken wrist today go that can happen perfect sounds awesome yeah max is actually revealing his own tag boyar your special edition watch today can’t wait to receive them my moniker on diamonds okay let’s go how yeah sure we do with in Dutch I heard you you learn some Dutch words Ultimo oh yeah good so I just want to ask you how have you become a former solvent forward did you been doing it for 1/2 years yeah it’s kind of been a crazy time really crazy social media looks super easy on the outside you know you just take a look at a couple of photos or videos it looks easy and nice and fun but there’s just so much work that goes in what’s a nice guy you have to pretty much as fun yeah which one well actually to be fair it just through the Superleggera Superleggera on TBS oh yeah but what did he apply sir when she’s driving those Supercross everyday without a racing bike and you were racing for my walk before you had your driver’s license but I suppose you drove quieter way before that UPS what was the first car you ever drove I think it was a fan the fan but when a car did good yeah of course with all the go karts in it and you crushed it I definitely did touch a few walls that was unhappy okay guys I think we remember a bit pit stop challenge have you ever done that before never in my life you you’ve done this dozen times while in the car yes but not the pits of itself you’ve never done this new food I have done it twice or three times okay nice to be migrated oasis that’s could be the case yeah if the gun is strong enough then you’re gonna need one hand my task one weekend the hardest bit so far this is the switch embarrassing but I did with the challenge was nice so you specially designed them really they gave me a watch with this strap on it yeah after my first victory that’s actually quite like that incorporated different elements of things that you’ve seen yeah yeah another foul Creek coming out soon yeah yeah yes so that will be I mean I’m definitely gonna try but I’m not just gonna store it in the act it because I think that car deserves to be on the air than it should be are you gonna keep it here or where I’ll probably store in the Monaco Oh Oh heaven they’re in the garage if you run out of garage spots I can leave behind especially everybody needs to be communal I’ve cleaned no yes and when you do something you when you get your battery cannot come and visit you and me about three and maybe I’m sure we can find a time frame I go oh yes okay perfect done it it’s gonna be on the channel we got out of peace what we wanted to today are you a mommy now you won’t be sir that’s just how it was always gonna second yes again oh how are you feeling okay no I mean you have to look at this from a positive way as well and yeah we didn’t expect to be that dominant yeah in the race so of course you would have liked to win it of course all the best success for Abu Dhabi yeah yeah I’m gonna be there you were there last year right yeah yeah that’s where I first met you you know a year ago yeah it’s a good luck thank you oh my fingers and toes crossed for you you can do that your toes um practice apparently yeah so we’ll get there bind it by the Empire that okay oh that’s good yeah I know I’ll have my shoes off just to show you okay are you alone yeah we’ll do it we’ll get away we go anyway yeah no sorry yeah okay cool I think that’s it that’s my experience of max unveiling his incredible new tag heuer watch happening now in the world of supercar blunder people’s keys appear just out of nowhere it’s just about to get the key to a 720’s here in amsterdam and we’re gonna go for a bit of a spin this isn’t my first supercar drive in amsterdam there it is affecting warming up it does warming up it’s being excited enthusiastic be a super time to be a passenger I will say you have a most exciting passenger of a bahut serious more often how long has it been since I drove a seven 20s when it first came out that’s the last time I drove one okay we’re going to go into sport challenging thing about driving in Amsterdam is the cyclists their cyclists everywhere yeah everywhere and there are no points for hitting them no point no points this time well I’m not sure about that oh my goodness streets are so narrow here here we go here we go here we go not even out of first that’s the way I like it cyclist that’s trash everything what we lose and everything works still helped by some recyclers yeah they own this Lane and we are guests of this length it’s written on the on the road but it’s in Dutch so I don’t blame you are you serious so I’m a guest of thereby yes right now on this on this Lane you are cuz I read in the bicycle lane exactly yeah I am i Dennis know what that’s crazy oh yeah this it’s public transport that’s probably true different world completely different while driving no I didn’t need anything I got zero points sir I mean there are cyclists every direction I think I got the finger about ten times from scooter guy whoop yeah yeah yeah he was not happy with me I wasn’t no I do I still just this day no idea we got pedestrians everywhere we got trams ok that’s it guys well my 1 and a half days in Amsterdam is nearly over I hope you enjoy it and I will be back in Amsterdam very very shortly please like the video subscribe to my channel I will see you out

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