Maximum comfort: BMW i7 undergoes a series of acoustic tests

Maximum comfort: BMW i7 undergoes a series of acoustic tests


For maximum comfort in BMW vehicles, the new BMW i7 premium electric sedan undergoes a series of acoustic tests.

At the Research and Innovation Center in Munich, engineers and developers test the entire range of vehicle noise performance. In addition, the noise of the electric motor and rolling, as well as aeroacoustics, are analyzed in detail.

The test is being carried out by IconicSounds Electric, a specially designed pedestrian protection system. It will warn cyclists and pedestrians with a sound signal so that the electric car does not come as a surprise to them.

The new BMW i7 electric car features near-silent power transmission from the engine. To achieve this effect, the components of the electric drive and its fastenings were redesigned, and the sound insulation of the electric motor itself was specially developed. A large role in reducing noise is played by a rigid body structure and special tires with an internal shock-absorbing layer.

At a special stand, by simulating noise, for example, roadworks, the internal sound insulation is checked. It is created from innovative materials, thanks to which it has excellent properties and low weight.

In addition, the electric car is equipped with sound absorbers that are built into the upholstery of the pillars, seats, roof lining and rear shelf. Fleece elements are used in the doors, on the sills and in the trim of the wheel arches, which reduce rolling noise.

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