May discounts for SKODA


Despite the quarantine, the nature pleases us with warmth, and SKODA – discounts!

In the last month of spring, we decided to make for You, our favorite fans of the brand SKODA, special prices on all cars in stock!

Among the most popular suggestions:

  • SKODA OCTAVIA 1,6 MPI for 443500 UAH.
  • KAROQ SKODA 1.4 TSI 8AG for 690700 UAH.
  • SKODA OCTAVIA 1.4 TSI for 597757 UAH.
  • KODIAQ SKODA 2.0 TSI for 856977 UAH.

SKODA Octavia has long and firmly took its place in the hearts of Ukrainian motorists. Regardless of configuration, Oktavia has established itself as a reliable and safe car, which combines modern technology and time proven quality.

KAROQ and KODIAQ is a modern crossover that possess authentic design, comfort and safety. And now, they set new trends comfortable move through the city and beyond, thanks to its maneuverability, precision, control and efficiency.

One of the important competitive advantages of crossovers SKODA are modern driver assistance systems and a wide network capabilities that allow you to share an Internet connection to passengers and to always remain online. In KAROQ and KODIAQ the best available technological solutions SKODA such as the automatic switching of headlamps, traffic sign recognition, the contents of the car in the lane control system driver fatigue, Parking assistant, the application MySKODA, which offers tips on vehicle operation and stores history of technical inspections.

In addition to the above, both crossover have many modern digital solutions. For example, SmartLink, which includes CarPlay and Android Auto will allow you to integrate mobile devices to the infotainment systems of the car, displaying Google maps or TomTom, updating the traffic on the roads.

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