Maybach’s first SUL – The Sports Utility Limousine!

Maybach’s first SUL – The Sports Utility Limousine!


This is the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury SUL! It’s the first time we’re seeing a combination between an SUV and a Limousine. Thanks for watching guys xo AlexFollow me on:

we will see design features which one not now is secret oh come on it’s super carb on the channel we need exclusives what’s up guys supercar blondie here in the middle of frankfurt mercedes has done it once again they have delivered this incredible car for me today to show you guys on our channel this shape has actually never been seen before I’m gonna explain that in just a second first of all the name it is called the vision mercedes maybach ultimate luxury did I get that right I think I did I’m gonna start here take a look at least turbine like our wheels here isn’t that crazy cool and then to get inside you’ve got these extending door handles you just press that out they come pop that open and then you won’t believe what it looks like inside are you ready for this not sure if you are honestly look at this look at this now you know what I’m talking about when I say ultimate luxury first thing that stands out rose gold these are all rose gold trims here on the seat now just before we look inside I wanna talk to you about this shape this is the first time ever there is an SUV combined with a limousine so you’ve got the shape of an SUV here for about this point and then what they’ve done is they’ve taken the boots from a limousine and tacked it onto an SUV so now you have a combination of both those cars so you’ve got a full boot here in the back the thing is is that this is fully electric car so you don’t just have a boot in the back you also have space for storage in the front and this is the first time I’m seeing this shape as well what you have here is a a split storage space on the front of the car so this whole area here is something now have this centerline this beautiful centerline running all the way down the car look you can see the lights here in the interior running down the centerline can you see that yeah exactly and so they’ve left out here so that the storage is now on both sides never seen that before close that you go around here you’ve got this beautiful big front grille this is typical of the Maybach look this is like a pinstripe suit that’s what they like to refer to and then like a kind of a bow tie on top got the Mercedes logo here here it for the first time they’ve actually taken the Maybach logo and they’ve used it on all the air intakes so you can see that really thought about all of the detail here now guys this is a concept car okay before you get too excited and you’re like when can i buy it this is concept there are a few things that they’ve got on this car that they do want to integrate into me bark cars in future but obviously not everything right now you know the typical me bark the big saloon it’s not always going to look like that it could possibly look like this in the future a combination of like a must like a big SUV and also a saloon okay when he wished different chef and come on in this is Stefan everyone new to our channel big welcome to chef and he is actually the head of the design team who worked on this car so perfect person to talk to about why not this yeah why not mave our vision for the future the exterior is something that has never been done before it’s the combo right of the SUV and what actually will we be seeing in future on May box can you point to a few details well first there is a clear vision that shows that there’s a lot of fantasy in the brand of Mercedes Maybach yeah and as we showed the two poops and the Cabriolet in Pebble Beach this was another vision of a much bigger car for ultimate luxury car with space and in the field of SUV and it’s something new that we credit it has a trunk it’s of three box it’s an su a letís sports utility limousine sul have you ever heard that before that’s never it’s new it’s you you should also create worse at me why not just make them up as you go I love it we’re talking about a whole new shape of car that’s pretty cool for a concept but it’s a concept or will we be seeing something like this shape in future we will see a lot of details and a lot of expressions on this car in the future on labor ok we will see and of course yeah it’s still edition but the brand like us is always asked and driven itself to create a vision ok what’s your next step what about the double-sided right we call it a front it’s a truck in the front from yeah we’re going for that well you do it when you have the electric car yeah you have no big engine it don’t you and so you have space for luggage let’s let’s use it exactly and the thing is is that Mercedes is looking to bring out over 10 fully electric vehicles by 2022 so that’s within 3 is gonna say a whole range of fully electric vehicles which means we should be seeing design features like this we will see design features which one not now is secret oh come on it’s supercar blondie Channel we need exclusives we’ve already got an exclusive here guys okay cool if you could bring in a bit more rose gold into the future of Mercedes that would be highly appreciated we all like some rose gold well here on the vision mahasaya we showed this rose gold in different positions where you’ve never had it before of course playing with his rose gold as jewelry piece we added it here and position it here in the front lights to stage with these rings the boxes of these LED driven spots and give her the kind of real nice jewelry yeah from this angle it kind of just looks like a ring like a solitaire diamond with with the rose gold band it’s very beautiful too okay we’re gonna let you go thank you very much thank you what they’re going for is ultimate luxury you even see the sign on the back it’s called ultimate luxury okay should we go in take a look at this this Evanier wood here very dark wood and the LED lights running here in behind the wood all seamless they have the typical buttons here that’s how you usually move a seat around on a Mercedes today they have all of those buttons on the on the door so they’ve kept that but they’ve added the rose gold detailing which is nice okay I’m actually going to take my shoes off because it’s been raining a little bit and this is so pristine in here I don’t want a runner here is the coolest thing I suppose this is one of the features if you press this Mabel button you have a tea set usually it’s like a champagne set right it’s a tea set this car was unveiled in China and so they are looking to the China market what’s interesting is the most me bars in the world are sold to China so this is really looking at how they can appeal to that market there’s a China tea set here and this whole area is heated so it keeps your teapot warm and you can sit back here in luxury and have a little bit of a tea as you go you can see your reflection in rose gold as you’re typing around that’s pretty epic in the front they’ve just basically made it all strip down only functional whatever the driver needs that’s what they get everything else is focused here in the back with all of these like luxurious pillows you’ve got the pillow headrest as well you’ve got the flowers I’ve never seen a bouquet of flowers actually in a car before right there’s quite a nice idea the roof is so cool with this light Center light running all the way through that’s just beautiful I don’t know I’m happy here I’m quite happy should we drive it all right let’s do it you’re sitting up high like you’re in an SUV right if you’re in the passenger seat like this you think you’re in a normal SUV and then there would be a compartment behind your head for all of your luggage like there normally would be but in this car you don’t have that you have the actual boot space that you would see in a saloon I’m actually quite impressed with all this car looks I like it this steering though is cool look how it lights up that’s really nice I don’t know they talked about it being like a chauffeur-driven car that’s what it’s mainly meant to be used for but actually quite like being behind the wheel if the wheel is gonna look anything like this and then you’ve got these beautiful rose gold featured pedals this is cool so here if this is red that is indicating that you’re in Reverse and then just with this little switch down here push that forward and now you’re in drive mode green alright all right here we are going for drive in a concept Mercedes neighbor now when this comes out it starts that they’re looking to achieve our 750 horsepower from floor electric motors and a range of 500 kilometers and what they’d like to be able to do is charge to a hundred kilometers in five minutes very much we are done people that’s it I hope you enjoyed the video give the video click like for me please subscribe to the channel every single day I am running all over the world to find the coolest most epic rarest most expensive most exclusive cars in the world massive thanks to mercedes who have done it once again thank you very very much for organizing this incredible car ringing it down to the center of frankfurt for me to be able to drive it we’re out Wow bye

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