Mazda 2: a hatchback with automatic transmission

Mazda 2: a hatchback with automatic transmission


At the end of 2019 the Japanese automaker Mazda released a new generation of compact hatchback Mazda 2. Then the amount of technical change was more a list of external updates. So, the car got a plug-in hybrid system in any configuration, the most powerful of them – 90 HP, packaged with just mechanics.


Now, Mazda has revised the configuration and added to the 90-strong version, the version with automatic transmission. Transmission you can order it in any configuration Mazda 2 – Comfort, Luxury and Signature. However, if you purchase a vehicle with the “automatic” future owner should remember that the model begins to consume more gasoline and becomes slow when overclocking.

The cost of the updated Mazda 2 with automatic transmission differs from a similar car at the mechanics for about 4 000 euros. Thus, Mazda 2 in the Comfort version with automatic transmission is estimated at 22 € 890. Picking Luxury and Signature with “automatic” will cost 190 26 and 28 690 euros.

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